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  • 1. They should take good care of their health.
  • 2. They should always try to maintain a friendly atmosphere.
  • 3. They must be fair in sports as well as studies.
  • 4. They should rise and wish when any teacher or visitor when any teacher or visitor enters the class.
  • 5. They must wish a teacher or visitor when they see him/her in the school campus or outside.
  • 6. They should take good care of the school uniform. They should take pride in wearing the school uniform. The school uniform must be worn on the all school days and function.
  • 7. In case of absence of any teacher, the class captain assumes the responsibilities for order and discipline in classroom. Students should maintain silence so that other classes are not disturbed.
  • 8. The students are expected to take good care of their belongings. In case of loss or damage, the school disclaims all responsibility.
  • 9. The students are not expected to wear any ornaments or jewellery. They are advised not to bring too much money, mobile, camera valuables to the schools. If found, such items will be confiscated and will not be returned.
  • 10. Any damage done by the pupil in the school will be compensated for by the parents.
  • 11. The students should maintain general cleanliness and help the authorities in enhancing the beauty of the school campus.
  • 12. All are expected to speak in English within the school campus.
  • 13. In case of continuous 3 days absence without application the name will be struck off the rolls and readmission charges will have to be paid.
  • 14. On the first day of reopening of school and the day before the Vacation starts, the attendance is compulsory, otherwise all holidays will be counted as absence.
  • 15. Students must actively participate in all the actively participate in all the activities of the school.
  • 16. Students must be honest in all their actions.
  • 17. They must be consider the school as their own and give priority to the school work.
  • 18. Students are not be involved in any fight in the school campus or outside. School authorities will take action against both the students who are involved in any such act.
  • 19. Students, found to consume any objectionable materials will be dealt with strictness.
  • 20. Student found missing the classes ,will not be allowed to attend the school.
  • 21. It should be properly understood that the admission is granted on this condition that the students will have to take part in extra curricular and multi-ferous activities would call fourth strict disciplinary action. If the students are required to stay after the school hours just in pursuance of these activities they will have to do so.